Mara Dumski, Chief Fragrance Experience Officer

Now more than ever, we care about moods and mental health, which is why we keep nature and well-being at the top of our minds.

I was very grateful to work in an industry where we are able to provide the tools so others, through fragrance and smart technology, can create their own happy place. This is extremely rewarding.

When people started losing their sense of smell during the pandemic, it created a wider awareness of the importance of scent in our everyday lives. People realized how vital smell was to them with the threat they could lose it, and we have all learned to appreciate it so much more. It completely changed my personal outlook on life.

As a fragrance expert, it’s important to me to help others to create an environment and memories they want to keep, whether that is a cozy atmosphere in your home or boosting your energy levels throughout the day. Scent has the power to transform your day, your life, and your mood.

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