What is Puralast?

Puralast technology allows your Pura to diffuse each fragrance differently, optimizing your scenting experience. With new smart vials, Puralast uses fragrance-specific data, accounting for the size of the room and your desired intensity, to intelligently scent your space for up to 120 hours.

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Puralast learns
your preferences

Every nose is different, and every fragrance diffuses differently. You’ll periodically be prompted to give feedback in the app, which will help Puralast regularly update to diffuse more efficiently for your space. The more feedback you provide, the better your scenting experience.

Space-filling scent

The size of the room you’re scenting should determine the amount of fragrance your Pura puts into the air. Puralast uses your selected room name to automatically diffuse the ideal amount of fragrance, delivering your desired intensity for the space. We’re continually updating Puralast to make this process even smarter.

A consistent
scent experience

Puralast dynamically adjusts scent diffusion over time to maintain your desired intensity through the life of the fragrance, removing the need to adjust it manually. This gives you a better fragrance experience from start to finish, while also extending the life of each fragrance.

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