Your reward for pura behavior

Pura Rewards

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Everyone loves a reward

Get $10 credit for every 400 points you earn.

Step 1

Create an account

Create a Pura account and start earning!

Step 2

Earn points

Get points on subscription purchases ($1 spent= 2 points)

Step 3

Track your progress

Visit your account to see how many points you’ve racked up.

Step 4

Spend what you earned!

Apply your points at checkout to save. 400 points = $10

Ways to rack up points

Subscription purchases
$1 = 2 points

Take a survey
20 points

Refer a friend
240 points

Write a review
20 points

Follow on Instagram
10 points

Follow on Facebook
10 points

Follow on Pinterest
10 points

Follow on TikTok
10 points