“Nature is our refuge.”

Our fragrances, each inspired by an ecological destination, help ground and focus us. Our mission is to always create healthy and conscious scents without ever sacrificing product performance or artistry.

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How it started

We love the natural world and see fragrance as a unique way to celebrate the environment and make people happy with beautiful scents. Fragrance has the unique ability to transport you out of your regular, busy routine and help you find balance and presence in daily life. When we create our products, we choose a destination that has personal meaning and memories and explore the elements that make it unique. From there, our amazing perfumers bring those memories to life with the highest quality ingredients.

How it’s going

Partnering with Pura has helped bring Abbott scents to a wider, like-minded audience. We love that Pura is a brand that shares our ethos of making beautiful fragrances in a sustainable way.


Pura has built an incredible product that brings amazing scents into people’s homes in a conscious and exciting way. They are providing customers with an easy route to control the fragrances they love through smart technology. Ultimately, we share the vision of the power that scent has to take you out of your busy routine and allow you to truly live in the moment.

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