Connection through Beauty


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We are a premium fragrance company that offers a wide-array of home fragrance, bath & body, and home care products that are thoughtfully crafted, made with naturally derived ingredients and that spark memories and create traditions. Our hope is to make life’s simple moments more intentional and full of beauty, balance, and connection.

About the Brand

In the beginning, our founder began hand-crafting fragrant products in her small kitchen from ingredients she grew herself, purchased at the farmer’s market, or found in specialty shops. Using her life savings and business knowledge gained from running an art gallery, she converted that space into a showroom featuring her beautiful, hand-made bath salts, potpourri, and sachets, selling everything she had created. At that moment, Thymes was born. Today, Thymes is known for iconic fragrances like Frasier Fir, Lemon Leaf, Eucalyptus, and Goldleaf.

About the Partnership

Our partnership with Pura allows our customers the ease for enjoying Thymes fragrances in even more areas of their home, being able to customize their experience in a new and innovative way.

At Thymes, our passion is to bring fragrances and design that ultimately create connection to yourself, your environment, and your loved ones. Our products feature artfully crafted formulations inspired by nature and are curated from wholesome ingredients.