Dae founder Amber Fillerup draws on creative inspiration, her personal memories and experiences, and her points of view as a hair stylist to create beautiful products.

Inspired by home

Dae haircare takes its cues from the gorgeous Arizona landscape. I’m so captivated by the bounty and power of the desert—from the colors of the sky and sand to the incredibly resilient botanicals that thrive in the arid conditions. I want each and every product to create a sensorial experience, while also delivering real results.

A partnership with Pura

Just like Pura, we’re very into the sensorial experience of our products. From the texture and iridescence of our shampoos to the luscious scents of our stylers, we put a lot of thought into how our brand looks, feels, smells, and works.

Our products are famous for not only how they work but also for the way they smell, with scents ranging from calming and serene to energizing and uplifting. Partnering with Pura has empowered us to bring our scents beyond the shower—allowing people to experience their complexity and uplifting nature throughout their homes.