We love creating spaces that are inviting, livable, and ideal for gathering. With organic elements, natural light, and comfortable, clean interiors, we offer you a space that says, “Come on in, stay awhile.” We want to help your home feel happy, cozy, and beautifully balanced.

Who is Becki Owens?

I am a mother and a creator who believes in beauty and balance in all things. My products are a personal reflection of quality time spent in places that I love, with people I love—my family spends a lot of time entertaining with family and friends, which becomes my ultimate inspiration when I’m designing spaces for my clients. I want their homes to feel full of light, comfortable, and to be a foundation for creating good memories.

Becki Owens scents

From the moment you walk through the front door, the scent of your home tells a story and sets the mood. Working with Pura has been the perfect partnership as our clients love giving their homes the finishing touch of an inviting home scent. Pura makes this an easy, unique experience with convenient scent settings from a personal device. They work anywhere, all the time—it’s genius.


When I create scents with Pura, I’m making a personal signature of moments that make me happy and are a part of my daily go-tos. I believe that home scents are an essential part of making a house a home, and my hope is that our scents bring the same warmth and happiness to yours as they have mine.