Newfound delight in the familiar

Antica Farmacista

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Started by two best friends, Antica Farmacista has stayed a small, all-women team since its inception. Our offerings are displayed in some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, including The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Four Seasons, and Hotel Bel-Air. More importantly, they’re in the homes of our cherished community, accompanying your celebrations, your meditations, your kitchen creations, the best kitchen scents, and your quiet Sunday mornings.

The Creative Process

We often create products based on scent memories, or scents we know and love. For example, we just developed a scent based on a childhood memory of visiting my grandparents in the desert. When it comes to the actual process, we outline what we want the fragrance to feel like and then go back and forth with our perfumer until we have the right blend. We’re incredibly intentional about the quality of product and blend of fragrance we use for each scent, and love the creative outlet that occurs from bringing each new scent to life.

Partnering with Pura

Antica Farmacista has been approached by several electronic diffuser companies over the years and rigorously tested our scents with them. Pura's smart fragrance diffuser is the first one that fulfilled our designs for the scents as we envisioned them, and was subtle enough to coexist in a home that featured beautiful interiors and thoughtful scent mapping.

Pura’s sleek, subtle technology celebrates the fine fragrances of Antica Farmacista for truly effective atmospheric dispersal. The device itself is inconspicuous, and the scents get to be showcased in an entirely new way. The control over the intensity of the scent and unique programming of Pura gets to the heart of Antica Farmacista's approach to layering scents in the home and curating a scent experience.