Experience art through the universal language of fragrance with scents created in collaboration with The Met.



Visit the Temple of Dendur, an ancient structure built as a home for the gods, with fragrances inspired by the temple itself and the arid landscape along the Nile. Blue Water Lotus is refreshing and floral, and Egyptian Sandalwood is warm and inviting.

“[Egyptian Sandalwood] was inspired by the famous Egyptian Kyphi, said to have been used nightly at the temples. I blended spices, olibanum, and myrrh with a papyrus accord to create this beautiful scent.”
—Christine Hassan, Perfumer



Create a quiet garden retreat in your space with scents inspired by the Astor Court, a traditional Chinese garden that honors the ancient mythology of yin and yang. Bamboo Forest is calming and tranquil, while Spiced Woods is warm and woodsy.

“The serenity and incredible design of the tranquil Astor Court inspired me while creating the fragrance Bamboo Forest. I used natural floral and watery notes and paired them with grounding woods and greens to represent traditional Chinese elements.”
—Stephen Nilsen, Sr. Perfumer



Delight in the beauty of Greek and Roman craftsmanship with scents inspired by pieces created to tell and celebrate the human story. Terracotta Rose is earthy and refreshing, and Perfume Immortelle lends a bright freshness.

“[When creating the scent Terracotta Rose,] I was inspired by envisioning themes that ancient Greeks could have had at the time to perfume themselves. I incorporated materials like myrrh and cypress, then gave the fragrance a background of sea salt and pine trees since it would have scented the air around them.”
—Dana Schmitt, Perfumer

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