What is Open Air Tech?

Pura’s Open Air Tech actively removes common household odors from the air and replaces them with premium fragrance that is safe and clean for your family. Our new Open Air scents made with this technology are created with the same quality ingredients, with the added benefit of removing undesirable odors.

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Formulated for
specific spaces

Unlike other odor reducing products that claim to cover up unwanted smells, our Open Air Tech actively neutralizes and removes bad odors at a molecular level, with patented odor control technology formulated for specific areas in your home, like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for common pet odors. As bad odors significantly reduce, our premium, clean, and safe fragrances take their place for the most high-end scenting experience possible.

Safe & clean, always

Our fragrances meet the highest standards when it comes to ingredients, quality, and safety, never using any harsh chemicals—fragrances with Open Air are no different.

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