Capri Blue x Pura

Stylish fragrance meets a smart scenting experience

Clean, Premium Grade Fragrances

Pet & Kid friendly
Safe for you & family
Gluten free & Vegan
100% free of animal products
Sustainably Sourced
Eco-friendly, safe ingredients

Choose your strength

Adjust the Scent Intensity

Great scents are better when they’re at the perfect power for you. Adjust the scent intensity with your Pura so you never have too much or too little fragrance, and make the good smells last as long as you’d like them to.

Intuitively easy

Control From Your Phone

You don't need any more hassle, just one app that does everything for you to create the ideal scent experience. Control the broad Pura features simply with a swipe, and let technology do the rest.

Your life, your way

Custom Schedules

You’re busy and stressed, you don’t need another thing to remember. Create your own custom schedules to get fresh scents when you want without having to remember to turn anything on. Because what else in your life is that easy?

Over 14,000 5 star reviews

300,000 homes & counting

Featured Capri Blue Fragrances

Tropical fruits and sugared citrus

Orchid, jasmine, and gardenia

Citrus, white musk, and patchouli

Vanilla, smoky tobacco, and bergamot