Awaken your full potential with better sleep


Smart bedrooms are the new standard, now with personalized scents that will help you discover truly rejuvenating sleep.

Bringing natural improvement to sleep

We believe the best sleep comes from a complete sleep system curated to meet each individual's needs. From the support of the mattress, to the customization of the adjustable bed base, to the temperature of the room, and now to the most purposeful scents, we’ve created the most efficient way to connect relaxing environments to better sleep. Wind down with Rest, a relaxing blend of fresh and woody notes; or wake up gently with Rise, an energizing citrus fragrance created to bring restorative feelings to any space. No matter how our customers choose to personalize and customize their rooms, our Partnership with Pura means that through their smartphones, and now scent, their sleep will be elevated and rejuvenated.

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