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LAFCO New York

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LAFCO New York is a modern fragrance company dedicated to elevating everyday moments into powerful sensory experiences and curating fragrances designed to transform any space, moment, and mood.

About the Brand

After quitting his job as a lawyer in pursuit of his passion for fragrance, our founder and creative perfumer Jon Bresler began traveling across Europe, searching for specialty items and studying the nuances of alchemy and perfumery. Thirty years later, LAFCO creates products that embody the belief that quality, craftsmanship, and conscience are essential ingredients of luxury.

About the Partnership

Our partnership with Pura aligns with our mission to provide quality and sustainability of our products, helping us use smart technology to offer our customers the ability to customize their fragrance experience. This ultimately elevates their sensory journey, inspiring imaginations and transporting us to places we’ve been or aspire to go.