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We make beautifully scented, small-batch handmade candles that are crafted and created in our Brooklyn, NY studio. Inspired by nature, travel, moments, and memories, we bring captivating scents right to your home.

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Visions & Dreams

Since 2013, we have grown to be sold in around 500 stores in 17 countries, making over 300,000 candles a year. A female-led company and homegrown in Brooklyn, each of our 100% soy candles are wicked, poured, and labeled by hand by our team of artisans, ensuring our dream to deliver full-sensory experiences, from artful, minimal packaging to warm candlelight and delicate aromas that fill a room.

Partnerships & More

What excites us about our partnership with Pura is how they’ve been able to allow our customers to experience our most beloved fragrances in a new, innovative way. Pura’s Smart Home Diffuser is user-friendly, innovative, and uses clean ingredients which aligns with our brand’s value.


“For the fragrances, I’m inspired by nature and travel. So much of my visual inspiration is drawn from magazine editorials and books about interiors, typography, graphic design, and art. I’m incredibly inspired by the culture and people of Brooklyn—there is such a creative spirit here.” -Tamara Mayne, Owner, Founder, Creative Director