Orem, UT (March 19, 2021)

Pura brings characters to life with fragrance smart diffuser inspired by Disney's "Frozen 2"

Innovative smart home fragrance company, Pura announced today the launch of two iconic fragrances inspired by Disney’s “Frozen 2,” “Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan” and “Anna and Olaf in the Enchanted Forest.” The brand brings to life the fun-spirited characters and story from the number one animated movie of all-time, captivating audiences through the sense of smell. This marks the first of many Pura fragrances in collaboration with Disney planned for this year.

Pura’s diffuser gives users the freedom of controlling scent intensity, swapping between two fragrances of choice, and setting custom scent schedules—all within the Pura app. Each Pura device discreetly plugs into the wall, allowing for premium scent diffusion while adding a sleek touch to home decor. The device also has a colorful smart night light feature which, when combined with the scent experience, lets users personalize their home ambiance. Pura fragrances are pet and kid friendly.

“Working with Disney is a dream come true for the Pura brand,” says Pura Co-Founder Richie Stapler. “Bringing some of Disney’s most beloved characters and stories to life through scent was a fun experience that we hope fans enjoy.”

The fragrances are as follows:

Elsa Journeys to Ahtohallan: Travel down the frozen river of memory to Ahtohallan with Glacial Element. A bright top of chilled sparkling lemon, blackberry nectar and citrus zest evoke favorite movie moments such as when Elsa and Nokk charge through icy waters. Frozen vanilla, creamy blonde woods and gentle iris bring the sweet, comforting feeling that true love conquers all.

Anna and Olaf in the Enchanted Forest: Meander through misty fog in the Enchanted Forest, ruled by the elemental spirits earth, water, wind, snow and fire. Mossy woods and Tamarak trees are met by the alluring aroma of juniper berries and birch leaves for a truly multi-faceted sensorial experience.

For the signature fragrance inspired by Queen Anna, renowned perfumer Stephen Nilsen incorporated fragrance manufacturer Givaudan’s headspace technology called ScentTrek®. Pura VP of Fragrance Mara Dumski said it “captures the scent of plants and flowers directly in nature in order to recreate an authentic aroma without harming the species. The Tamarack Larch Forest ScentTrek® was paired with the scent of wild berries and freshly fallen leaves to capture all facets of the woodland.”

These fragrances retail for $14 each and will be available at www.trypura.com.

Pura was inspired by its founders' vision: empower people to control the scent of their homes anywhere, anytime, from the convenience of their smartphones. Each of Pura's designer-grade fragrances are formulated with only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients to meet the highest standards in the industry. Since its 2018 launch, Pura quickly established itself as the number one smart home fragrance diffuser brand. Pura’s luxury partnerships include fragrance collaborations with capri BLUE, NEST New York, LAFCO, and more.