Orem, UT (November 5, 2020)

Pura announces partnership with Thymes

Innovative smart home fragrance company, Pura, has partnered with Thymes to offer their signature fragrance, Frasier Fir, in a whole new way. Staying true to both brands’ ethos, together Pura and Thymes are committed to offering clean, premium fragrances designed to enrich the quality of daily life. Pura translated the company’s iconic fragrance inspired by the grandest trees of a winter forest and helped it flourish and shine in their tech-enabled diffuser device, controlled by your smartphone.

Pura gives users the freedom of controlling scent intensity, swapping between 2 fragrances of choice, and setting custom scent schedules from any smart device. Each Pura device discreetly plugs into the wall, allowing for premium scent diffusion while adding a sleek new touch to your home decor. The smart night light feature combines with the scent experience to create the perfect ambiance for any evening.

"Thymes’ commitment to artisan craftsmanship and creating unforgettable fragrances made for a natural partnership,” says Pura CCO Richie Stapler. “Their fan-favorite Frasier Fir fragrance is beloved by many and translates perfectly using the Pura device."

“We’re delighted to share with our loyal fans a new way to experience our classic Frasier Fir fragrance,” said Meredith Boone Tutterow, CCO of Thymes. “Frasier Fir is known for bringing warmth to the holiday season, though many consumers love to use it year-round. Partnering with Pura has been a great way to help our consumers bring this quintessential fragrance to any room of their home and bring the great outdoors into even the coziest of spaces.”

Frasier Fir: The aromatic snap of Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and earthy sandalwood combine to create a just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

Pura x Thymes Fragrance will retail for $18 and will be available on TryPura.com and Thymes.com.

Pura was inspired by its founders' vision - to be able to control the scent of their homes anywhere, anytime, from the convenience of their smartphones. Each of Pura's designer-grade fragrances are formulated with only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients to meet the highest standards in the industry. Pura began its creative kick-starter process in 2015, making sure to perfect the device and fragrances until it’s actual launch in 2018. The Brand has 18 Pura scents and has worked to fine-tune many scents from other luxury brands in 2019 to enter the Partner Marketplace.

What began as a line of soaps and bath salts inspired by a love of art and nature has grown over the course of almost 40 years to become Thymes, the leading fragrance brand in the U.S. specialty market. Made with essential oils and naturally derived ingredients, the artistically designed products pioneered an entirely new category of botanically-based bath and body products. While the company - and category - have grown since then, Thymes' mission remains the same: Create beautifully fragranced, gorgeously detailed products formulated with the best possible ingredients to enrich the mind and body, addressing your needs and complementing your life.