Capturing everyday moments

Unify Co. was created with the idea in mind to curate fragrances for everyone, reminding them of something beautiful and nature-inspired. Carefully designed and formulated, we deliver impactful experiences through scent to elevate everyday life.

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Visions & Dreams

Our mission is to create a space where scent isn’t defined by who you are, but instead by your grandest adventures down to the most mundane tasks in life. Every scent inspires action, helping you to find yourself and live life in a way where you get the most out of simple, everyday moments as well as the epic ones.

Partnerships & More

Our partnership with Pura allows our customers to walk into their own spaces and feel the comfort of our welcoming fragrances, giving them an all-around positive scenting experience, all from their phone.


We know fragrance is heavily tied to memories, and we love that Pura can help promote our vision—building impactful experiences with a product that allows them to create whatever ambiance they want in their home.