Homesick is a home fragrance and lifestyle brand with one simple goal: to bring joy to your home by helping you feel closer to the people, places, and moments that matter most.

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How it started

How do you capture the spirit of a memory in a way that feels personal and recognizable to everyone? That’s the question we ask ourselves every day. To find the answers, we speak with dozens of people for every candle we develop. We’ve discussed childhood memories with local Texans, why books smell so great with veteran librarians, the flora of Central Park with New York horticulturalists, and the finer points of donuts with Dunkin’ superfans. And that's just the start of our process.

How it’s going

Inspired by our loyal fans, we’ve expanded the Homesick range to almost 200 different products representing all the things that matter most—from every U.S. state to multiple cities and countries to occasions, people, and moments.

From inception to finished product, we love connecting with our customers all along the way. Pura offers us another way to connect with our customers through the power of fragrance in an innovative format.