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Bottled water-quality – without all the plastic

If nothing but the best drinking water will do for you, you’re looking for Pura Fresh – our multi-stage reverse osmosis purification system that effectively reduces lead, copper, arsenic, and other contaminants in your water. By installing Pura Fresh, a family of four can save up to 3,000 plastic water bottles in one year!

Better water for your whole kitchen, and your whole family

Pura Fresh removes impurities as small as an atom, so you can count on the safest, freshest, and best-tasting water possible. Not only will your family, pets, and even house plants benefit from better drinking water, you’ll also notice the difference when cooking or in juice, coffee, tea, and ice.

Great design, designed to last

Along with a 2-year warranty, Pura Fresh comes with a 3 gallon storage tank and standard dedicated faucet to provide your home with easy bottled water-quality water, for a fraction of the cost.

Learn more about warranty here.

Bundle Pura Fresh with other Pura products and save

Pura Fresh takes the water you use for drinking and cooking to the next level, and that means that many people want to install Pura Fresh in addition to another water solution that’s tackling other issues – such as hard water – throughout the home. To help you save, we’ve created bundle pricing when you buy Pura Fresh with another Pura water treatment solution; contact us to find out how much you can save.

Buy, rent, or rent-to-own options available

Solutions as low as $19/month! Bundle this product with other water treatment solutions and save!

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No payment will be due until your new Pura product is professionally installed.

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