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Smart Technology

Clean Fragrance

Smart Technology

Clean, Premium Grade Fragrances

Pet & Kid friendly

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Gluten free & Vegan

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Eco-friendly, safe ingredients

Soap & Paper Factory by Pura

Soap & Paper Factory

Lovely and Addictive

Founded on small-town values and well-formulated products, Soap & Paper factory is well aware of how to create a fragrance experience. Their scents are familiar and comforting, yet so unique to keep you creating moments and wanting more.

Roland Pine

Fresh, Wintry, Exhilarating

The combination of pines and cilantro creates a fresh dreamscape of fragrant outdoor memories. Feel the moisture on your skin and breathe in a scent that feels just right with Roland Pine.
Roland Pine by Soap & Paper Factory
Vanilla Fleur By Soap and Paper Factory

Vanilla Fleur

Mysterious, Warm, Earthy

This scent is a new twist on classic vanilla, and will spice up any premonitions of the flavor with its sweet florals and woody undertones. It’s a lingering scent that is comforting and warming, with a subtle edge.

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