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Designer Fragrance

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Prosecco fragrance by Antica Farmacista

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Smells from brands you know and love, plus more to try that might be your new favorite. Pura makes sure to give you high-end fragrance from luxurious scenting brands, leaving you with the quality and cleanliness you’ve been looking for in home fragrance.  

Pura does it all

Control Scent Like Never Before

Pura gives you complete and effortless control over your fragrance like no other scenting device. Adjust your scent intensity, swap between fragrances you love, create a custom schedule to scent your mood, adjust the nightlight to match your ambiance, and turn off your scent while you’re gone, all from the convenience of your smartphone.
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Cut Grapefruit

Safe for sensitive noses

Pet and Kid Friendly

Create an atmosphere that embraces you with amazing fragrance, and add the perfect lighting to match it. Choose any color you’d like, and control the brightness to fill your space with an accenting ambiance that matches your mood.