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Why Choose Pura?

Naturally Derived

Natural is better, so only the freshest of plants, herbs, and fruits are used directly in Pura scents. We never use harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients.

Ethically Sourced

The ingredients used in Pura scents are from all over the world, taken straight from the source. Pura strives to give more than take, which is why we grow and extract in areas where we can have a positive social impact.

Luxury Brand Fragrance

Premium Fragrance

Crafted by world-class perfumers and fragrance experts, Pura scents are of the highest quality made just for you. Designer-grade fragrances and brands you love are yours with the click of a button.

Pet & Kid Friendly

Pura makes scents for everyone—kids, pets, and sensitive noses included. Each scent is tested by fragrance reviewers and scientists to ensure that the you can all smell safely.

Partner Marketplace

Pura is partnering with premium fragrance brands such as NEST Fragrances, Capri Blue, and many more! In order for a brand to join the partner marketplace, they have to comply by Pura's strict, clean fragrance standards.

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Control Scent Like Never Before

Pura gives you complete and effortless control over your fragrance like no other scenting device. Adjust your scent intensity, swap between fragrances you love, create a custom schedule to scent your mood, adjust the nightlight to match your ambiance, and turn off your scent while you’re gone, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Luxury fragrance

The Best for You

Smells from brands you know and love, plus more to try that might be your new favorite. Pura makes sure to give you high-end fragrance from luxurious scenting brands, leaving you with the quality and cleanliness you’ve been looking for in home fragrance.  
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Fragrance Exchange

We work hard with our partner brands to bring you your favorite scents that you already know and love. If for any reason, you don't love a scent that you've chosen, we'll replace it for free.

The Pura Guarantee