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Ellis Brooklyn | Pura

Ellis Brooklyn

Bold, Unique, Captivating

Ellis Brooklyn is a brand you don't want to skip over! We are so excited to welcome them to Pura with their unique scents, inspiration, and branding. Try out their fragrances available for Pura now to possibly discover a new favorite!


Take a Daring Adventure

This scent is inspired by travel and adventure, so let it take you on one! Use this fragrance to power some of your greatest memories and push you to places you’ve never been.
Motorcycle in sunset
Superego | Ellis Brooklyn

Enlivening and refreshing

The Perfect Accent

Fragrance is meant to accent your life, never to overpower. Create your perfect, thoughtful atmosphere with an aroma that transmits emotion without overbearing your aura. Verb is enlivening in just the right way.

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