Better Water Means Better Skin! Here’s Why.


Better Water Means Better Skin! Here’s Why.

May 13, 2020

Dry, itchy skin? It might be your water.


Hard water can cause issues around your home that range from gunk in your plumbing to spots on your glasses, but it can get more personal than that, too. Particularly if you have sensitive skin, hard water can be really tough on your skin. Here’s why:


How Hard Water Affects Your Skin

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium, two minerals that do not do your bathing products any favors. If you have hard water in your home, you’ve most likely noticed that the soaps, body washes, and shaving creams you use don’t lather well. What you may not know is that these products are also not rinsing well from your skin. In fact, those minerals are actually reacting with the fatty acids in your soap to form a new substance called “insoluble lime soap” – which is as unfriendly to your skin as it sounds. What this boils down to is that when you’re showering in hard water, you’re actually left with a scummy film on your body that’s not rinsing away. You know that soap scum that you’re always scrubbing off your tub? That’s on your skin, too.

That residue clogs your pores, which your skin needs to allow sweat, oil, and toxins to escape. In addition, hard water minerals can even actually “suck” moisture out of your skin. As a result of both, your skin might feel dry and itchy, and if you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis, hard water can cause these conditions to worsen. If your skin is really sensitive, even just washing your clothing or bedding in hard water can be irritating.

How Soft Water Can Give You Better Skin

The good news is that you don’t have to live with hard water! Installing a Pura water softener or water refiner will make a big difference, quickly. Here are some changes you’ll notice:

  • Your soap, body wash, or shaving cream will lather a whole lot better.
  • Your skin will immediately feel different! It might actually feel strange at first; some people think their skin feels slick or slippery when first using soft water. This is potentially because you’re used to the feeling of that soap scum on your skin, and can also be caused by the next point.
  • You may realize that you are now using more soap than necessary (after all, you’ve been accustomed to battling with hard water). Adjusting the amount of soap you’re using will not only save you money and reduce packaging waste, it will also make rinsing soap from your skin easier and more effective.

How to Choose a Water Softener

First of all – relax! It doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, it’s our mission to make it simple. Below is a simple look at the options, and you can use our Auto Selector or contact us to make the process even simpler.

    • Pura Refine both softens the water used throughout your home as well as improving taste and smell. So in addition to getting all of the benefits of soft water in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, you’ll also be enjoying better tasting, healthy drinking water right from the tap. Pura Refine is a modern, space-saving cabinet model and is great for homes with 1 or 2 bathrooms.Learn more about Pura Refine here.
    • Pura Refine Max is designed for homes with 3 or more bathrooms. This product has the same features and benefits as Pura Refine – it will both soften hard water and improve your tap water – with a higher flow rate to keep up with your family.Learn more about Pura Refine Max here.
    • Pura Soft is a great option if you want a simple, reliable, and economic solution for softening water only.Learn more about Pura Soft here.

We’ve Got Installation Taken Care Of

Don’t worry about DIYing your new water softener – we’ll make that easy, too. Our trained service providers will make sure that your product is correctly installed and working properly, so you can focus on other things (like how great your skin is about to feel). Hit the chat button on our site at any time to talk to a friendly Pura representative, or head over to our contact page to call or message us. We’re here to help!

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